Get started with Setting Up Django

Hey guys!! Brain Storms is back with another blog, in this blog I am going to tell about How to build the local environment of Django in the local system(Linux). There are some CLI is used while doing VirtualEnv of the Django, They are cd (opens the directory) cd .. (closes the presents directory) ls (list files in... Continue Reading →


Get started with GIT and GitHub

Hii Everyone!! Brain Storm's is here with another blog, here you can learn about the VCS, Git, Github, some basics commands of git how to push your codes and creating branches. Version Control System Version control systems are a category of software tools that help a software team manage changes to source code over time.... Continue Reading →

My Eye On Drupal

In this Blog, we will be discussing How to download Drupal in Operating System.                        Why Drupal ?? Drupal enables organisations to build better sites and experiences faster. Features of Drupal?? What is Drupal ?? Drupal is a free open source content management framework written... Continue Reading →

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