My Eye On Drupal

In this Blog, we will be discussing How to download Drupal in Operating System.

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Why Drupal ??

Drupal enables organisations to build better sites and experiences faster.

Features of Drupal??

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What is Drupal ??

Drupal is a free open source content management framework written in PHP. This can be download in Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, and iMac.

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The most preferable open source for Windows is XAMPP, for Linux is  LAMP and for iMac is MAMP.

In this blog, we will discuss how to install in Linux and the below commands will be used only for Linux like Ubuntu.


First of all the LAMP means :

  • L stands for Linux it is an Operating System.
  • A Stands for Apache it is an HTTP server.
  • M stands for MySQL it is a Database management system.
  • P stands for PHP it is Programming language.


To download LAMP we should download Apache and Mysql. here is a command where we can download directly.

          $ sudo apt-get install lamp-server^ phpmyadmin

This one command tells Ubuntu to install lamp-server and PHPMyAdmin ( ^ means using tasksel ), lamp-server is a set of applications to fully install Apache, MySQL and PHP and set it up. Confirm the downloading with YES. And start MySql and Apache servers.

STEP: -2

Start your terminal navigate to your web sever by using this command

$ cd /var/www

To clone the drupal8 run the following command on your terminal

git clone --branch 8.0.x drupal8

This clone will be in “drupal8” folder.

STEP: -3

You may ask to give some permission’s  to perform the above step.

To move Drupal8 folder run the following command

cd drupal8

In this following, you need to update Composer.

The composer is an application-level package manager for the PHP programming language that provides a standard format for managing dependencies of PHP software and required libraries.

To update the composer you can run the command like  composer update then change ‘default.settings.php’, to ‘settings.php’.

STEP: -4

Setup the MySql root password then you will be asked has a setup Apache or Mysql I choose to Apache then you will be asked to fill the password for MyPhpmyadim and for MySql just leave it blank it will automatically generate itself’s and it is good security measure.

Enter into new window and run in URL as localhost/myphpadmin

STEP: -5

And now you may get page like given below when you run in URL

Screenshot-2018-1-26 phpMyAdmin.png

And you must be able to log in entering your root credentials, user: root and password: have you entered in the Mysql password. Now login into the myphpadmin go to the database and create a database in that set collation has utf8_unicode_u8 and created a database.

STEP: -6

And We are all set to install Drupal on the local server. To get the local server run  URL  with localhost/drupal8  And then you can directly login to

Now Enjoy your Drupal8. keep always the latest version of


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